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A Halloween Blast from the Past- Children’s books

Out of all the frightening books I’ve read since young to now, there are a few children’s books that will resonate with me forever. Here are three. The Cat who Wanted to Fly My mother has always shown a great amount of enthusiasm about Halloween, and she raised me to be the same. Every year…
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A Rhyme of Dark Words- Book Review

I found myself immersed in this world and not wanting to leave. As one who writes about portals to other dimensions, I had fun stepping through to another era with the characters as they found themselves having to fight off an evil werewitch.

5 Authors who have Inspired my Writing

It may come to no surprise that I favor the horror genre, but this does not mean that all of my favorite authors have been in horror. Although a few may have inspired me, not all of them made it to my top five. I feel that despite whatever genre I write in, it is…
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Saints and Curses- Book Review

This Anthology is like opening up a portal and dipping into different magical worlds all in one book. Alexis Lantgen does it again in her newest Anthology, Saints and Curses, with her ability to weave magical worlds, so detailed, that you could almost hear the music playing from within the pages, or taste the food…
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Keepers-Book Review

From Love Triangle to Apocalypse, this Novel Keeps you Enthralled ‘Eden’s life is balanced…until her soul is bound to her enemy. Keepers opens up with a glimpse into the world of Truitinor, introducing magic and shape shifting needed in order to pass a final exam. The scenes were rich in detail and I could…
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On Writing- Book Review

Some people might pick up this book and think, hell yeah, why not- who doesn’t want to take a glimpse into a day and a life of famous horror author, Stephen King. And yet, some might think…why read a book on writing? I want a Stephen King book that will scare me.If you’re in the…
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Sapience- Book Review

While Science fiction isn’t my usual go to for an escape from reality- I do enjoy watching Star Wars so I decided to give this Anthology a try. I’m a huge fan of short stories, and after all- since they’re nice and short, what’s the harm? I gotta say, WOW! Thanks to Alexis Lantgen this…
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Beyond the Sea- A Blank Street Writer’s Anthology

Blank Street Writer’s is one of Sheffield, Uk’s most active writing communities. I am proud to be a part of this group and have submitted one of my short stories, “A Night Out,” to this year’s Anthology. The title of the book is named after Hannah Whiteoak’s winning entry to the Blank Street Short Story…
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