A Rhyme of Dark Words- Book Review

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A Rhyme of Dark Words- Book Review

A Rhyme of Dark Words by Jeremy Smith

I found myself immersed in this world and not wanting to leave. As one who writes about portals to other dimensions, I had fun stepping through to another era with the characters as they found themselves having to fight off an evil werewitch. 

Tilly Hart moves into a town called Witheridge with her dad, looking for a new beginning after the death of her mother. She meets two friends right away and their relationship is full of jokes, sarcasm, and a bit of romance. I enjoyed the snarky remarks from Beth and Wilf. They soon find out that their ancient village resides on top of another dimension with a haunting that seeps through. After exploring her new house, Tilly finds herself possessing abilities of her own and she and her friends fall into a world where they get into a bit of trouble.

The key to their survival lies within a tale of a secret romance between witch and witch hunter.

For my American readers, this book is filled with British words and sayings which is a fun way to dive into the culture. Some words and phrases, you wouldn’t know to look up though, and might find yourself going with the flow and maybe a bit confused. For example, some of the easy ones are that biscuits mean cookies.

The characters aren’t just sitting around stuffing their faces with buttery bread buns (for lack of a better American biscuit description, apart from the infamous KFC biscuits).

Also, fancy dress means Halloween costumes! And one last thing, A moor, not necessarily only British English but not commonly heard in the US, means an open area of hills covered with rough grass, especially in Britain. This is crucial to know for the story, or you won’t have any idea how to picture their surroundings. 

I loved the author’s creativity in spells and think that this book is well written and look forward to reading the second book in the series: Rise of the White Witch.

If you’re looking for a dark and suspenseful YA series to sink your teeth into, A Rhyme of Dark Words will carry you into a world where magic is in reach, you just have to know where to look.

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy trained and worked as a fashion photographer in London after studying design. He now lives with his family in a village in Oxfordshire, England, where he can often be seen trekking the wooded paths with his dog Jack, as he looks for inspiration. His passions lie in sci-fi, fantasy and YA novels. When not writing, he likes to bake cakes. He is a firm believer in, “write the books you want to read.” After all, who doesn’t like a book filled with adventure and romance?